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New Patients

When you first come to Mountain View Smiles, our friendly compassionate staff will greet you warmly and acquire the necessary information from you to ensure you get the best care we can give you. If you have dental benefits, have that information ready so we can get a breakdown of your plan. This will help us work with you to decide your best treatment options in relation to costs for you. Our aim is to always maximize the use of your benefits.

Once you’re in our new comfortable dental chair, your hygienist, dental assistants, and doctor will give you a detailed explanation of your oral health without any judgement. They will take a full series of x- rays, do a thorough cleaning, and the dentist will do a comprehensive dental exam to assess all your oral health needs. At every exam, they will also do an oral cancer screening check.

If you are in need of dental treatment, our team will take the time to answer any questions and show you on your x-rays where you have areas of concern. Together we will work to prioritize your dental work, and with the help of our front-end staff, give you a full financial picture of your dental options. This ensures our patients will feel confident in their care since it will be an informed decision.

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Financial Options

Dental costs can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have insurance coverage. That’s why Mountain View Smiles offers 0% interest in-house payment plans. We also direct-bill your insurance company so you don’t have to pay out-of-pocket. By giving you these options, we want to help make paying for your dental treatment as convenient and affordable as possible.

We accept: Visa® | MasterCard® | E-Transfer | Cash | Interac

If you have questions regarding these financial options, don’t hesitate to contact our office and speak with a helpful team member!

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